The Official Nitpicker (azvolrien) wrote in little_details,
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Shipping from France to America

OK, so I'm writing a story set in the modern world. It's fantasy, so I don't have to stick rigidly to fact, but I'd like there to be some accuracy. Anyway, there are four characters trying to get from Europe (France) to America, and since flight isn't an option for these guys, they have to go by sea. My question is:

Do cargo ships leaving from Le Havre go across the Atlantic to the United States? I mean the really huge ones - it needs to be big enough for the characters to sneak on relatively unnoticed. If not, would a different port (like Saint-Nazaire) be better?

I wikied 'Le Havre', 'Saint-Nazaire' and 'Sea transport', but nothing was really specific enough. Googling 'France to America shipping' and variations thereof was similarly unhelpful.

Edit: OK, thanks - I've got what I wanted, though I'm going to have to think a bit harder about the immigration side of things. Nothing's set in stone yet.
Tags: france (misc), usa (misc), ~immigration, ~travel: sea travel

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