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"Also, I can kill you with my brain."

New Year's Eve and Boarders in 1880s Boston

A middle-class Boston family is celebrating New Year's Eve in the early 1880s. I get the impression that they would have some kind of family get-together, but haven't been able to find anything very specific. I'm fine with making it up, but is there anything they would absolutely do that I should know about? Would they stay up until midnight (the youngest of their relatively small extended family are two teenage girls, so this wouldn't be a huge problem)?

Also, the family in whose townhouse they are gathering has taken a boarder. He's a young middle-class man starting out in the city. I read up on boarding, but I still don't know much about how he and the family would interact, particularly with a teenage daughter. She's being raised by her fairly lax father, who is not too paranoid about the presence of a young man in their household. Nevertheless, how much social distance would be expected of them? They get along well; would they call each other by their first names? (I'm assuming no, but I thought I'd check!)

Searches: "new year united states nineteenth century," "boarding united states nineteenth century," and variations therein.

Edit: Thanks for the responses so far! To specify, I'm interested in situations where families who needed some extra cash were taking in a boarder or two, not an actual boarding house, which of course has a different dynamic.

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