garpu (garpu) wrote in little_details,

road tripping in 1969 and money

I have two characters on a road trip from New York to San Francisco during December 1 1969-Feb. 8 1970.  First question is, would $700 be enough to cover their expenses?  It works out to about $10 a day.   (Food, occasional motel room, pitching in for gas as they thumb their way.)  I'm finding what bread and milk cost back then, but nothing along the lines of a motel room, if they wanted to splurge.

Second question:  how long did international money transfers take in that time period in a major city?  (Namely, Pittsburgh.)  The one character has a little nest egg built up in England, which is funding the excursion.

ETA: I found this page: But traveling always costs more. (Food and gas are almost always more expensive along major highways, same with lodging.)
Tags: 1960-1969, usa: history (misc), ~travel: ground & rail, ~travel: hotels motels & hostels

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