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Hi, I'm new here (thanks to dropsofgleam who shown me this community!)

And I have a question:

I want to write some Heero/Duo deathfic one-shot, despite the plot of this fic is rather dumb/cliché (in my opinion), but I still want to write it, and have all the same something... plausible.

I explain. (Rather complicated to read, english is not my first language, but I do my best.)
In this story, Heero will commit suicide because Duo died. (They were of course together for long in this story)
Heero thinks Duo died in a "dumb" manner, since he survived the war, blablabla, Shinigami, etc...
I thought having Duo dead by an cerebral accident (aneurysm), since this is an unexpected and often irreversible accident.

Is this cerebral accident a good idea, or shall I drop it and choose something else? (Like I've said, I want Duo's death something plausible and in a way 'dumb' in Heero's opinion, since after went through wars and all, he never died of them.)

Now I sound stupid. =P

I'm very sorry for the confusion this may be causing to you, this is a really dumb fic idea, yell at me if you want, but I all the same want some opinions. :)
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