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Criminal law in the States, present day

I've waded through masses of legal stuff on-line and I was hoping someone could put this in layman's terms for me... because I am so confused.

Case: In Boston, Mass. a group of people are arrested for kidnapping (happened in NY, wasn't over state lines), attempted murder (also in NY), and trespassing on government property - they are interrupted in the process of breaking into the said government building. They are also armed, and might be implicated in an armed robbery in Washington, D.C.

The Feds are involved because the armed robbery (due to the context) is a federal case, but I understood that none of the crimes they are actually charged with (when arrested) are.

So. How would they be tried? And where? And, most importantly, are the crimes (kidnapping and attempted murder) against the State or the victim? If he should drop charges, would they be able to prosecute?

Basically, I need them to get out as easy as possible because the claimant does not want them in prison:)
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