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Genetic defect that leads to multiple organ failure

I'm looking for a genetic effect that causes some kind of deficiency in the human body, whatever that may be, which then in turn results in multiple organ failure. Due to the nature of this, I assume it would be a defect that usually manifests in early infancy as the baby would still be supplied with whatever the body is unable to produce itself while in the womb.

I've tried googling all kinds of combinations of the relevant keywords but somehow I can't really find anything useful since I'm totally lacking the proper knowledge to even come up with more specific search terms.

Any help would be appreciated. What kind of anything can a body fail to produce that'll lead to multiple organ failure? Oh yeah, it should also be treatable by simply replacing the lacking substance. Thanks!

Edit: Rarity isn't an issue. The rarer, the better even. And it doesn't totally have to be MOF if you can think of something better. Important is that it's a critical condition that can kill fast if left untreated.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~science: biology: genetics

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