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Adoption through marriage

Setting: Quebec, Canada, approx. 1999
Terms: "adoption through marriage", "adoption via marriage", "second marriage adoption", "Quebec adoption laws" -- I'm having trouble thinking of specific terms; if anyone could help, that'd be great.


I'm writing a story right now where a woman divorces her husband and fights to retain sole custody of her two daughters. Later on she remarries another man, and here is where things get tricky. I think to get the point across I'll have to break this down into several questions:

a. When she marries this man, do her children retain their original surname or do they take on his? If the answer to that is "they keep their original names", then...

b. Would he be able to adopt the girls (giving them his surname), and if so, would their biological father be able to protest?

The idea that I had is that the stepfather attempts to adopt the girls (who are twelve and ten) but their birth father comes into the picture and basically says "no, I won't let you do that". I just want to know if this is possible.

Many thanks in advance. :)
Tags: canada (misc)

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