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Learning to drive in Japan

My character is a young man in his early twenties, born and raised in the outskirts of current-day Tokyo. He's reasonably well off, middle class, and it's money he's earnt himself.

- Would it be reasonable for him to only start taking driving lessons at that age?

- What would Japanese driving lessons entail? I'm learning from a private instructor for about an hour a week, on public roads, which is pretty standard in England - would he have a similar experience, or would he learn on some sort of track/course?

- Would he be able to gain experience as a secondary driver with someone who holds a license - ie, he could drive but only with that other person in the car as supervisor? If so, how old/experienced would that person need to be - could they have passed their own test fairly recently?

- I understand there are both written and physical driving tests; in the physical part, what should he expect? How long/convoluted would it be? And how badly could he drive yet still pass?

I've googled: 'driving' 'driving lessons' 'learn(ing) to drive' 'driving test' with both 'Japan' and 'Tokyo', which turned up various guides for foreigners applying for licenses, but none of the information I was looking for.

Thank you in advance ^.^
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