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Daimyo: Protocols on meeting with relatives


This is supposed to be for a Naruto fanfiction, but I wanted it grounded in something based on Japanese history.

I'm interested in the ways of life the daimyo have -- mostly protocols on how should one receive or treat them, or how they treat other people (of higher or lower or equal rank). For example, how is one receieved by the daimyo, if one is a blood relative? Do they still prostrate themselves on the floor and bow? 

One of my characters is the niece of the Fire Country daimyo (she is the daimyo's sister's only daughter) and her father is the daimyo of another country. However, her country no longer 'exists', with a significant chunk  conquered and absorbed by another country, while the rest were annexed by Fire Country. She's an orphan, as the rest of her family committed ritual suicide at the defeat. Right now, she is a refugee at Konoha.

I've googled  'Japanese court  daimyo', 'daimyo', 'samurai' and such, have gotten some useful links, but not on the protocols. Also looked at the previous little_detailsquestions on Japanese history. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you! 

ETA: edited for clarity. ^_~
Tags: japan: history

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