Kaelie (respicefinem08) wrote in little_details,

Long distance listening devices & Exams in photography

Two questions:

First question:

I have a question who's listening to a conversation occuring in a cafe.  The listener is outside and I don't really want him using one of those ridiculous looking parabolic listening devices or whatever. I would much prefer something more like the laser microphone. Now, there's the window which is kind of in my way (pun not intended), so... is it plausible to  have him using a laser mic from outside?  Or am I either stuck with the parabolic? If my listener was hiding inside the cafe to listen, would the laser mic be very noticeable? I can't seem to find the useful information on limitations to these devices. I understand it's hard to set up laser mic and such and the vibrations have to right, but...I don't really get technology. And the character doesn't have time to set up any listening devices at the table beforehand. but...meh...ideas?

Second question:

Another character of mine is a photography student (oh how cliche, I know, I know, please spare me haha anyway...) so what kind of courses would he take and what kind of questions would appear on exams in these courses? I've found things on course and course details, but I  have no idea what questions actually are given by professors. (These don't necessarily have to be bound to photography, any info on art students and paper exams would help!)

Thank you in advance to anyone that points me in the right direction. *A thousand kisses from Madrid!*

P.S. question to mods: what tag does this belong to?

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