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Recovering alcoholic techniques

I'm writing a sitcom which features a recovering alcoholic quite prominently and I'd like to know if there are any techniques that they may employ day to day to keep their mind off alcohol.
I know many recovering addicts take up smoking but are there any other small habits that I could write into the screenplay to make him a little more believable?
Obviously it's a sitcom so absolute realism isn't necessary but without believable characters it just won't be funny.

I've heard of people playing with a rock or small ball when they get a craving but that's been with smokers-is there anything similar for alcoholics?

It's set in modern day England. I've googled things like "recovering alcoholics" "recovering alcoholic's techniques" "staying sober" and the like, but generally get links where I have to pay to access some article or 12 step program.
Some real life experience or anecdotal evidence would be useful. Thanks.

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