a juggernaut heart (ex_assemble) wrote in little_details,
a juggernaut heart

Injuries from being hit by a car; hospital protocol for attemted suicides

I have a character who is going to walk out in front of a car in a (failed) suicide attempt, and it's probably a lack of google wrangling skills on my part, but I can't find the info I need. The character is otherwise healthy and in his late 30's, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out as to what kind of injuries he could have sustained and the nature of the recovery process (length, what would heal first and how, etc.). 
Also, I'm assuming he would be put on suicide watch, but I'm not sure exactly what this entails, the duration of it, etc. If anyone could help me out I'd be very grateful. :)
Tags: ~car accidents, ~suicide

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