Emmi Phoenix (dragonchan) wrote in little_details,
Emmi Phoenix

Owch! Serious injuries...

Thanks so, so much to everyone who helped out with the last one. I only wish I could return the favour.

Okay. Just the one question today.
My lead character has a very painful start to his story.
I'm trying to figure out what level of injury he can sustain without - you know - actually dying. He loses an arm to laser fire in his introduction, but receives a lot more punishment shortly afterwards...
How long could he 'survive' (brain-survival as much as anything; the guy's intended to end up a cyborg) with his heart stopped/destroyed and lung damage, initially at a normal outdoor type temperature? What organs could he survive very-short-term without them working? Blood loss from injuries isn't so much of an issue, as the laser fire he's been under would presumably cauterize the wounds... but apart from that, I don't know how bad he could have it.

Thank you times one million... ^^
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