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Bullet wounds and recovery time.

Hello again, everyone. I've been Googling this, and I've checked out the relevant tags on this community, but I still haven't found the information I need. Any help would be wonderful.

I need to shoot my main character, but in such a way that while he'll be in hospital for several days at least (I need him to miss something important going on elsewhere). A few weeks of impaired functioning would be very useful too, but not necessary. :)

But, I don't want him to need months and months of recovery time or rehabilitation or to be permanently disabled. Just a few weeks or a month total, or less, if possible.

So, it doesn't matter where in the body he gets shot, just so long as he'll be out of commission, but not for too long.

I was planning on shooting him with a 9mm handgun, at a distance of about ten feet, since that will probably make a difference. Just one bullet.

Thank you all very, very much in advance!

EDITED TO ADD: I knew I forgot something. Sorry! It takes place in 2004, in America in this universe. And the shot can come from the front or the side, but I fear the back would be too complicated. Thanks!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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