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Lethality of various types of car accidents

Setting: New Hampshire, November 2029
Search Terms: car accident survival, car accident survival rates, types of car accidents. I also checked out the little_details archives and Wikipedia's article on car accidents, but no luck.

I'm looking for whatever type of car accident would have the best chance of being lethal to the driver, but least likely to cause the loss of other lives (e.g. in a pileup on the highway). Said driver is a 17-year-old girl, whose conscious mind - but not her physical body - is suddenly and unintentionally transported to a fantasy world when she answers her cell phone on the road. People all over the city experience the same transportation-via-cellphone at the same time, so it's not an isolated event. (The girl in question has the ability to shapeshift, in case that matters, and at a fine enough level that it could potentially allow for super-healing or regeneration... but I haven't decided whether that could happen autonomously at all, and being effectively in a coma due to her mind's absence precludes using the power consciously, assuming she wasn't just killed instantly... although, come to think of it, instant death would be best anyways.)

I haven't decided where she was driving, other than that it would be somewhere that made sense for an upper-middle-class teenager to be going by herself in the middle of a Saturday; it would be unlikely for her to be on a long stretch of highway, for example, but busy city streets would probably work. Similarly, I have nothing in mind for the type of car she drives.

ETA: Edited to rephrase a couple of things and add a little more information.

ETA #2: Alright, I'm probably gonna go with having her hit a tree or a pole, since that's nice and simple and could happen basically anywhere. Thanks for the help!
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