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Japanese honorifics between male cousins.

I did google "Japanese honorifics" and "Japanese honorifics cousins" but I really don't know which sites to trust, plus they don't necessarily give specifics (understandably). I also checked the tags here.

I have a male in contemporary Tokyo who is about to graduate from university, and he's calling up his male cousin (first cousin) who is around the same age (slightly older) and also about to graduate from a different university. He doesn't see him that often and they're not exactly good friends, but they get along fairly well. (He's calling him up to ask him advice about dating and women because he can't think of anyone else to ask, though I know that's not exactly relevant.) It's a fanfic, but the cousin is someone I made up so there's no canon on this to go by. So, does anyone know what honorifics they are likely to use with each other? I'm thinking they would go by given names, but maybe I'm wrong on that too. (They have the same family name, though.) Any help is very much appreciated.
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