Ki (oddlilfruit) wrote in little_details,

Dog Breed/Ancestry

Is it possible for someone to tell me the breed of the dog in the following pictures? I have no idea if she's purebred or mixed, but if someone can even tell me a possible ancestry for her (like "she may be part x breed" or something), that'd be great! :)

If it helps, the setting is modern-day Japan.

Unfortunately, this is not a question that can really be Googled, so all I have to go on are the pictures. I've tried dog breed sites, but since I don't even know where to begin, I haven't really gotten anything out of them. I also am not sure exactly how tall she is, sorry!

I tried to find good shots of her face and fur, and I hope these pictures are enough. I can look for more specific shots if they're needed.

Thank you!
Tags: ~animals: pets

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