Kayt (kayt_arminta) wrote in little_details,

Sterile injection colourings

Setting: Canada, Toronto, present
Previous Searches: Not sure what to plug in. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Are there any kinds of sterile food colourings (or any other colouring agent, perhaps tattoo ink?) that can be added to sterile saline for direct injection into a vein or for intramuscular injections?

I'm thinking along the terms of mind fucking a victim into thinking it's an injection of SOMETHING instead of an injection of harmless saline (we're talking, at most, three CC's or possibly more in one session).

I'm looking for something safe and easy to acquire for your every day average Joe living in a large metropolitan city (IE, Toronto). I know there are tattoo supply shops that don't require any kind of ID or any other checks for their products but I just don't know how safe that would actually be and have no clue where to look for the answers.

Any help, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

E.T.A. : I need a colourant. Clear is not workable. If it was, I'd use it. I understand a lot of people can easily get freaked out by needles, or whatever have you, but the question is quite specific and it will come into play later on in the story. There is a reason for this, trust me, k? If you can't think of anything, thank you for trying.

E.T.A. 2 I cross posted this to no_drama_bdsm as well, since I'm a kinky little wench it seemed logical. After the first response, however, I realized I needed to widen my search and came here. (I thought kinky first, and honestly forgot about this comm until I was talking with my beta). ANYTHING I get here will of course be checked through other sources to find out if it's actually workable.

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