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Naming (especially surnames) of anonymous babies at orphanages

OK, I don't really know how to Google this. I did try Wikipedia, but the obvious articles (both the ones about child abandonment, orphanages, the safe haven law, baby hatches and so forth and the ones about names) were no help. The question, by the way, is for a LJ-less friend's RP character.

What happens if a baby winds up at an orphanage/children's home/whatever they call them nowadays (if they're not literally found on the doorstep, it would be a similar sort of thing at least insofar as contact with parents/relatives/guardians goes) with no clue as to what their name is? I know they'd have to be given a first and last name, but how would that name - especially the surname - be chosen? Are there any common conventions for that, like using a really common surname in the vein of "Smith" or taking it from the name of the orphanage?

This happens in the US (probably California, but I'm not completely certain) in the early 1990s, by the way.
Tags: usa: government (misc), ~custody & social services

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