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Placental Abruption and Mortality - 17th c. England

So I've read several articles on placental abruption from the Mayo Clinic, American Pregnancy Association, eMedicine, and Discovery Health but, since the information located on these sites are geared toward the complication in the context of modern medicine, and since I have no medical knowledge myself, I'm still searching for an answer.

The story is set in 17th century London...1676 to be more precise. The character in question is carrying twins and is at 28 weeks gestation. She is beaten severely enough to cause placental what happens after that? Will the babies be delivered? What is their chance of survival given the period and the distress they've suffered in utero? How much blood does the mother have to lose and how quickly for her to go into shock and die? (Yes, the mother needs to die, unfortunately. The babies can go either way.) How long would the whole process take? What steps might a midwife of physician of the period take to try to handle the situation?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1600-1699, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: reproduction

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