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Number of guards needed

I can't even begin to think how to phrase this for google.

I have a small party of scientists that are being sent to another planet to help with a short term project (ie, about two weeks). They are being accompanied by a military guard, and one of the scientists is Very Important, so the military commander is adamant that nothing happen to him.

How many military personnel would he send so that there would be someone on guard 24 hours a day? Would four be enough? Or would it be more like 8? They don't really expect trouble, but they've had problems in the past.

Thank you for your help!

ETA The guards will be working in three shifts over a twenty four hour period. I assume that they'll need more guards during the day (when the scientists are up and working) than at night, when they're asleep.

ETA2 Okay, I think I've got it!

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