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Snowdonia small town and vet nursing

I have a pair of Welsh NaNo characters. Both have decided they are from near the Snowdonia National Park (and one even works within the park as a ranger/warden/etc). The other one is a vet nurse that works on the outskirts of the park.

Is it realistic that said vet nurse's practice has gotten rescues from the park (even if they are shipped off to another facility later) and handles a variety of farm animals? Idealistically, I'd kinda like it to be a semi-rural practice, but that's not so important.

So what I need is a semi-small town that might fit the bill. I don't care if it's just a blip on the map and doesn't see much tourist traffic. I need it to have a couple pubs, and be within a day-trip (meaning there and back in one day -- even if it's a long day) of bigger city.

I'm still looking at maps, but being American, am utterly clueless as to Welsh geography. Help?

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