Lizifer (hopefulnebula) wrote in little_details,

New York State, modern day - vacation homes for the rich?

OK, my story is set in the present day (actually, a little in the future, but close enough to count as present), in New York state. I have this family that's filthy stinking rich, and I want them to have a house to go to over the Christmas holidays. I also need it to be upstate enough that it gets a lot of snow. What I need to know is: Where would it be? (Places with reputations for being where rich people go is a plus.) Would it be more feasible (in real life, not the story) for them to rent a place just for the week?

I've googled for various combinations of rich living, new york state, ny state, vacation homes, etc, and haven't found anything useful.

Tags: usa: new york (misc)

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