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Starvation, insomnia, and hypothermia and the effects on person. [I feel so dumb asking this. Xp]

I've searched through the tags and put in about fifty combinations of starvation, insomnia, depression, rape, malnutrition, and god I can't remember now I've been at it for an hour, and I'm still not finding specific details into what I'm looking for.

I have a character who a month ago, suffered a miscarriage and due to this, was unwilling to eat. She did manage to sleep a bit, but it was fitful. Two days after this miscarriage, she was kidnapped and held prisoner, where she was raped forcibly by the person holding her captive. She was never fed. After that, she did not sleep for perhaps more than an hour at a time due to nightmares and paranoia. Upon being rescued, she continued to not sleep or eat. She attempted to drink broth, but wound up vomiting up what little she could get down and gave up entirely.

Now, due to a fight with someone, she has just walked a mile in downtown London weather (it is early November and it started to rain shortly before she arrived and she was not wearing a coat) to a friend's home. What sort of condition is she going to be in due to all of these circumstances and if a hospital is out of the question, what sort of care could be provided to keep her alive?

This is proof that I know nothing about science, the body, or the medical profession. She is barely coherent mentally and all but forcing herself to stay awake and move now.

ETA: To clarify, she has been eating very little. Chicken or beef broth. And she has been drinking water.

ETA2: Thank you guys for the quick response. I'm taking everything you said into heavy consideration and I will be making the necessary changes needed to keep this relatively realistic, given that I have a werewolf card to play here as well.
Tags: ~medicine: hypothermia, ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment
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