Phoenix (phoenixflame7) wrote in little_details,

Throat slitting


I've tried Google and Wikipedia with no success.

My question concerns throat slitting. In my story, a guy runs up to someone and slits the guy's throat with a knife. So, my questions are...

If it's full across, practically ear-to-ear, what would the bloodflow be like (provided arteries were severed)? I had a friend who sliced an artery in his wrist during a ski accident and claimed his blood was hitting the lodge ceiling. Is this true at all?

If my character did not want as much of a bloodbath, would there be a way to kill without drawing quite as much blood? What about sawing through the trachea but avoiding the arteries?

If the guy didn't see it coming, would he have time to scream?

What does a person typically do with a slit throat? Collapse immediatly? Totter?

Thank you!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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