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A Straunge and Terrible Wunder

Dog and other pet statistics, Romania, 1900

What pets and working animals (not so interested in livestock) would be common in Romania, or similar parts of Europe, around the turn of the 20th century?

What I need is a rough idea of what kind of animals are kept (dogs, cats, other pets - preferably some idea of the proportions), any general info about attitudes, conditions and general care if possible, but importantly, an idea of the most likely breeds of dog, and possibly cat. I realise it's probably mongrels, but still need an idea of terrier/courser/retriever etc.

This is set in an analogue of a Carpathian sort of region, rural hilly or mountainous river valley. I'm basing science and tech very roughly around the 1900 mark, but it's very definitely AU because there's magic. And vampires. Naturally there are vampires. So in fact I have plenty of leeway here, but I'm curious nonetheless.

The situation is a crazy pet-poisoner, and I'm trying to work out what types of arsenic-laced meat/food he would leave lying around as well as what kind of dead bodies I should describe in the aftermath. (He's very much not bothered about collateral damage, by the way.)

I've Googled variants on "pet ownership statistics Romania", with and without "1900s" etc. Found a few modern charities, but couldn't even turn up any modern figures. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious. I have found a few sites with info about wildlife.
Tags: 1900-1909, europe (misc), romania: history, ~animals: pets

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