Kaelie (respicefinem08) wrote in little_details,

Military Priests/Chaplains - Military Promotions

I'm writing a novel where one of the main characters is a military priest/chaplain. I've been searching but the internet doesn't seem to have much information as to their ranks or uniforms or general behavior within a military unit because as far as I know, chaplains do have military ranks though I don't really know how that would be applied. Any knowledge regarding military chaplains would be REALLY appreciated.

My co-main character (there are two) is a commissioned officer. The setting of my novel is similar to today's world but with fighting breaking out sporadically in trouble spots all over the world. World War III, I suppose would be a good description though it's ... really that. Anyway. I'm wondering just how quickly a man can rise through the military if he graduated from, say, West Point if I hypothetically make him a very good leader and skilled soldier.

Thank you in advance for the help!
Tags: usa: military (misc)
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