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Rape, PTSD, Flashbacks, and Drugs

I'm writing a really cheerful novel, as you can see.

Anyway, all the obligatory "I've searched everywhere, please help" stuff goes here.

Anyway, I have several questionsMy MC is at the time of the assault nine years old. Her family has been killed by relatives of the slaves that they were trafficking. She awoke to find them dead/dying, the caravan on fire, the animals flipping out, the slaves stampeding, and the raiders developing an intense mob mentality. She is raped and beaten by at least five grown men, who then presume that she's going to die, toss her in a ditch, and go home to be congratulated for their slave-freeing heroics.

The girl remains conscious for the duration of the rape, and is semi-conscious when she is left to die. What is likely to be going on in her head just before, during, and after the assault?

A few years later, she is sold into sexual slavery. What sort of reaction is this likely to to occur? She also becomes addicted to a bevy of drugs--I'm assuming a bad trip would cause flashbacks, but might withdrawal also cause similar problems? Like, she shuts out all the bad things, but in withdrawals she's too week to maintain the mental barrier?

And finally, there's another character who more or less brings her back from the dead after all this. He's an intuitive, intelligent, persistent, patient individual, but he really has no training in psychiatry and is playing it by ear. To what degree is he likely to succeed, and what would be a good way for him to go about building her mental health back up again? I assume he would try and slowly let her become comfortable with things she associates with being raped/enslaved, but what else might help?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~sexual abuse & assault

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