silent_dreamer_ (silent_dreamer_) wrote in little_details,

Things Made of Iron, Especially in a Medical Setting

Setting: Modern America, but in a universe where mythological beings exist

Search terms: Iron, Uses of Iron, Uses of Steel

I have a fairy character who can't touch iron.  When I googled iron, I was shocked at how many things contain it.  Apparently my education failed me somewhere and I never found out what steel was made of.  One of the surprising things I found was that cars contain iron.  Are there any other really, really common items like that that she'd have to avoid touching?  Do doorknobs generally contain iron?  I couldn't find a comprehensive list online, just general things like "transportation" or "steel."

Also, at some point she's going to be hospitalized after an accident, and I need a clueless doctor to poke a wound with something containing iron.  Is it safe to say that most hospital equipment is made of stainless steel?  Would a doctor use something made of steel to clean or stitch up a wound?  The last time I was hospitalized for something like that I was a little kid and covered up my eyes, so I'm not sure how they got all those rocks out of my knee.  :~)
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~metals

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