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bio-electricity, cell electrical potential, the sodium-potassium pump, and magic :D

setting: world much like this one, modern-day, only with the addition of another form of energy.

searched: i've googled variations of the first two items in my subject line plus 'electricity in the body', looked up stuff in wikipedia concerning cell potential and the like, and cracked open my bio textbook, but as a beginning bio student -- and a rather bad one at that -- this seems to be more a comprehension thing along with a lack of information.

background: nano time! it's discovered that humans, through an unspecified biological process, can convert electrical energy into thaumic energy. my problem is i'm not sure how electricity actually exists in the body -- free-flowing current along nerves, the like -- and if not, how it's produced. i've read up on the potential difference created between the inside and the outside of a cell by sodium/potassium ions but i'm not understanding how that actually powers movement and signals along the nervous system and the like.

also -- what would happen if the body is drained of its electricity stores, as it were? since that's being converted to thaumic energy and all, it's not available for the body to use for its more normal processes. i'm thinking numbness, paralysis, cardiac arrest, brain death, et cetera, but i'm no med student either. thanks in advance!
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~woo-woo

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