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Injuries - Eyes, Stitches, and Scars

Google Search -
"Eye Injury" "Eye Injury Scar" "Medical Eye scar" "Medical Eye Scar Stab" "Blood In Iris" "Injury Eye Pigment"
"Long Term Stitches" "Unprofessional Stitches" "Effect Long term Stitches" " Medical Stitches Long Term"

I actually have about three questions, and I've realized how hard it is to find information about specific eye injuries.

First -- If your eye is stabbed, with a knife, would it be completely ruined or would/could it scar? - Similar to the top image there.
OR, would the eye be completely ruined. I understand that it would more than likely be un-usable, but could it just scar like that?

Second -- If an eye is injured, again, would there be a way for the iris to either lose it's pigment because of the injury, or for...blood to leak into the iris and stain/be there permanently if untreated? In a way for it to be pink/redish.
I have a Character where his eye was injured, as well as around his eye, and I'm wondering how possible it is for his injured eye to be pink - Injury

The third question goes with the same character.
The stitches were made when he was younger, about 13 (He's 23 about now) and they were done unprofessionally with needle and thick string.
What would be the long term effects of the  stitches being left in, as well as the unprofessional quality of them?
Could they possibly contribute to the eye injury as well?

I am unsure if there is any obvious searching that I missed, but none of them had quite what I was looking for, or were in medical terms that I could not quite understand.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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