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Child services - visits and procedures in the late '80s.

Hi all,

I am writing a story where there is a visit to a family by a child services inspector, triggered by that child (female, 13 years old) having been picked up totally naked in an apparent attempt to run away. I've poked around on the internet to get an idea of how the visit would go, how many days from reporting does the inspector arrive to interview the family and the child, etc. But I was hoping someone could give me more details? If anyone knows? Especially if it's changed from the early eighties? How many follow up visits, what can the family expect? Would the inspection escalate in a particular way? I know this might vary from state to state, but I'm interested in all of it. This story is set in California.

In this case the girl is acting out, so she's not in any actual, physical danger from her parents -- she's not being abused -- aside from what danger she puts herself in. And that becomes clear to the inspectors rather quickly, so while the parents aren't blameless, the girl is looking to cause trouble.

Anyone have any idea of how a typical child services/child endangerment inspection would go?
Tags: usa: california, usa: government (misc), ~custody & social services

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