The Plaid Slytherin (plaid_slytherin) wrote in little_details,
The Plaid Slytherin

Paris in 1925 (hotels, specifically)

This is for my NaNo, so I might be back...

I am curious as to whether anyone knows whether or not a fancy hotel in Paris (assume THE fanciest/most expensive if that means the answer is "yes") would have room service and/or a telephone to the front desk in each room in 1925.

I tried Googling all sorts of combinations of "history," "Paris," "hotel," "telephone" (or "room service") and didn't get anything explicitly telling me "no," but I thought I'd ask in case anyone happens to know. (Perhaps it wouldn't be called "room service"?)

Also, if anyone has any thoughts/tips/ideas about Paris in the summer of 1925 that would be most excellent. :D
Tags: 1920-1929, france: history

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