sapphiretragedy (sapphiretragedy) wrote in little_details,

Roman Catholic Last Rites after death

Google search: roman catholic last rites after death, roman catholic last rites, roman catholic prayers over the dead, extreme unction, and all these permutations w/o the word 'roman' in front of them.

What I'm looking for is post-Vatican II procedure for saying giving last rites to a corpse. The situation is that the character died unexpectedly and was not able to participate in the last rites - making a final confession and receiving the final Eucharist.

When my grandfather died IRL last month we had to do this for him. The priest came after he died in the hospital and said prayers. But I was so out of it in the moment that I don't know what was going on.

What vestments does the priest wear to perform this blessing on the corpse?

Tags: ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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