Chiclee (chicleeblair) wrote in little_details,

Believable Marketplace Disputes

This really isn't googleable, but I need ideas.

Setting is fantasy, mostly a medieval setting.

My MC is going to be queen, but she doesn't know it yet. I need several scenes that can show her moderation abilities, that would take place as she travels through the village and marketplace. They need to be subtle enough so that she doesn't realize but enough that those around her, particularly the prince, notice her abilities.

For reference in the kingdom there are humans, elves who are lower working class but believe that they should be superior because according to their mythology the blood of the fairies who created the world runs in their veins and gnomes who were primarily stone workers, but now do jobs such as carpentry, smithing and the like. They resent humans because they generally are hired by humans and they think elves are snotty as well.

My MC is a nobleman's daughter, niece to the king, but her mother used to take her to the marketplace closest their manor often, so she is familiar with the people's ways.

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