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facial wound blood loss, broken glass vs. pants

Setting: Fantasy world where they know enough about electricity to have things that start with cranks, but not enough to have any cities wired. Nothing is mass produced, all the props in this story are hand-made. Very few people have any sort of advanced medical knowledge, if someone is hurt they're going to call for a priest/healer instead of a doctor.

Our heroine is a 20-something woman, short at 5'0"ish and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet at this point in her life. She has just been decked, and her lower lip is split open pretty badly, almost 1cm into where it becomes skin. Soon after, she's sitting, trying to hold it together/apply pressure. I know facial wounds bleed like mad- Is this going to stop bleeding on its own at all? Is the blood loss going to be a problem, and how quickly?

Now we have a stabbing, glass bottle into the side of a person's thigh. Would leather pants protect this person? what about cloth? (probably thinner than denim but stronger than khakis, he *is* wearing these for protection, but he's taken the metal outer armour off.)

For the first one, have attempted to google split lip (apparently it's a band), bleeding, blood loss, facial wound, read the wiki article on "bleeding"... I used and got that her allowable blood loss is ~550 ml, but i don't know what happens at that point. I guess i need to know how much blood she's going to lose from that, how quickly, and what sort of shape she'd be in.

For the second one, I've googled glass strength, glass cut, leather protection, safety leather, leather pants... I have nothing, I'd be plenty fine with a suggestion of search terms.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds
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