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Getting a lip piercing ripped out

Time: Nowish, I suppose.

Setting: Joe's psyche, possibly.

So, one of my boys is getting his lip piercing ripped out. I don't know quite what sort of he has (it could be a labret or an actual lip piercing) and it doesn't really matter, I just need there enough blood for it to trickle down his chin and drip onto the ground. It's not to either side and it's on his bottom lip.

The other character grabs onto the ring/stud/whatever and yanks, pulling it straight out. I need to know how this feels, about, and how ripped up he would be.

I've searched for "piercings lip ripped" "getting a lip piercing ripped out" and various permutations but I mostly got people scared of having theirs ripped out or telling people not to get one because it will get ripped out. I also poked around BMEZine a bit but couldn't really find anything.

(Edits are in booold.)
Tags: ~body modification: piercings, ~medicine: injuries to order
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