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British universities first and second choice

I have a pair of British scientists. One is a biologist with a speciality in genetics/genetic mapping (I'm not sure of the British term, so I'm guessing and it isn't that plot important), the other is a biochemist.

They're talking to a couple others and they need to say something to the effect of: "Well, I wanted to get into [X university] but didn't quite make it, so I ended up at [Y university]."

What I'd like them to be pretty top ranking in those pair of fields. Something that might impress those that were going into those fields.

Is East Anglia a good choice, or is there someone I'm missing? (I've seen listings for York being the best, or maybe Nottingham.)

I'd like the choices to be fairly impressive.

Both characters have to go to the same university.

I've Googled: "best biology program in Britain" "biology programme + British universities" and several other combinations, and while it's giving me some nice hits and ideas, I'd really like an 'insider's view' into it.
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