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opera houses and colonial India (1870-1900)

A friend of mine asked me to post. She's checked google and has limited time to search.

1870 to early 1900
1. A man has gone to the opera, specifically to listen to a violin player. Is there anywhere he can sit where he'd be able to see the violin player, clearly enough to tell that the man is distracted and is looking at someone else in the audience? Relatedly, opera glasses: would it be unusual for someone to use these if attending a concert rather than an opera?

2. In British India, would it have been socially acceptable for an English gentleman to have married an India woman, or not? If he did, (or if he had a mistress?) and they had a child: would it be possible for that child to be passed off as white if the father returned to England and didn't want to put the child at a disadvantage by acknowledging his heritage?
Tags: india: history

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