poldalle (poldalle) wrote in little_details,

Destruction of Earth by Sun

This isn't for me exactly, but a friend who's writing a story, but I feel the need to help her use accurate science if she's going to be doing sci-fi. Currently she has our earth going supernova and destroying the planet, which is noticed by NASA due to an increase in solar flares. I don't know tons of astronomy, but I know that our sun doesn't have the mass to go supernova. What predictable destructive things could it do which are more plausible? 

I've googled about supernovas a lot. Also destruction+of+earth+by+sun. 

But I would love it if someone more knowlegable than I could help me out with the science here. I find sci fi stories where the science is well thought out vastly preferable to those where it isn't. 

Thanks so much!
Tags: ~science: astronomy

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