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★★ Gabriel Artisan ★★

Streets in San Bernardino, CA, Where There's Lots of Whoredom & Male Hustlin' Going On...


Timeframe: Turn of the 21st Century
Issue: I need an area in San Bernardino, CA, known for being either a gay cruise area, or an actual place to pick up young male hustlers. My story is about an older male hustler trying to score his big break, since he's getting 'old' (19 yrs old) and there's younger boys hustlin' that are getting more and more of his 'business'. I would prefer it to be in the downtown area, maybe even close to the universities there.
Research: I've already looked at Google Maps and zoomed in pretty close, so I'm fairly familiar with the streets and the lay-out of the city. I've used wikipedia to read up on San Bernardino, CA, as well as the various bus/mass-transit routes that pass through the city. I've googled "San Bernardino Male Prostitution" and other permeatations that deal with sex crimes, drug crimes, male prostitutes, and San Bernardino. Nothing really stands out as a place I can focus on (ie. no one or two streets or areas are named over and over again). I've a friend that lived in San Bernardino for a couple years, but he was a traveling Dj, didn't get out much in the city, and did far too much ecstacy around that time to have trustworthy memory. ;-)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Tags: usa: california, ~prostitution

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