m. toad (green_and_warty) wrote in little_details,
m. toad

Long time lurker and admirer of this community, finally coming to post..! I apologize for never contributing anything. I just don't happen to know anything. And of course, my first question's a weird one.

Ok. A person has no eyes, literally. They were cut whole, not gouged out. Would eyelids typically have been cut too? I don't know if that made anysense. I mean, having no eyes, would there still probably be eye lids (flesh connected to the flesh of the face afterall), just sort of.. hanging over hollow space, curving in not out? Wow, this is probably all really gross.

Further, would they be able to cry still? A friend of mine said yes, because the tear ducts are beneath the eyes, but I just wanted to make sure. Confirm for validity's sake.

Thanks in advance!
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