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That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!

The specifics of Catholic infant baptism

I have a scene coming up in which a Catholic baby is baptized. It's an emotional moment for the father, so I want to go through the whole event in detail.

Google and Wikipedia only turn up general requirements. I grew up in a Presbyterian church, and saw a lot of baptisms there, so I have a general scenario in mind. Trouble is, I don't know how a Catholic ceremony would differ, even if I remembered the exact wording of the Presbyterian one.

Can somebody give me a play-by-play of a typical ceremony? (Held in a church, on a Sunday, in the United States, no extraordinary circumstances.)

A few specific questions:

1) One thing I remember very well from the Presbyterian baptisms is part of the line the pastor asks the audience: "Will you so order your lives so as not to cause this little one to stumble? If so, answer, 'We will.'" Also, he always walked the infant up and down the center aisle to "introduce" s/him to the congregation. Can I use that?

2) There's a person present who, to my understanding, cannot be a godparent (he's not Catholic). Can he still stand at the altar with the parents? Could there be questions for him as part of the ceremony, or would he just have to stand in the background?

Aside from this, what I really need is as much specific script as possible. If you can steal a priest's Book O' Sacraments and scan in the relevant pages, that would be fantastic. (Just as long as you give it back to him afterwards.)
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