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Correct Term for "Miscarriage" and Other Such Things.

Time:  Present day.

Setting:  Unspecific location in the United States.

Searched terms:  (Via Google and Wiki) Stillbirth, miscarriage, stillborn process, and removing a stillborn baby.

My main character has suffered a loss in one of her unborn babies passing in the womb.  I'm unsure as to when this discovery of her dead baby should take place, as I would like it to happen early enough in the pregnancy so a removal of both babies (she's having twins) is called for.  I want there to be a risk of infection to both the live baby and the mother.

So I would basically like to know:

1.  What type of infections would cause the medical team to seek immediate attention (and thus quick removal of the babies)?

2.  How quickly would the removal be preformed? (As in the number of days, hours, ect. that would separate the discovery of the dead baby between the time it is actually removed from the mother.)

3.  What type of miscarriage would this fall under?  (The wiki article "Miscarriage" has helped me narrow it down to a possible three choices: inevitable abortion, septic abortion, or missed abortion.)

Thanks in advance, everyone.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction
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