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Juilliard Music students - day/week in the life?

I'm trying to find details about the experience of attending Juilliard in the music division (violin major). I've read the Juilliard website just about as thoroughly as I can possibly imagine, tried googling things in all manners of combining 'Juilliard' with experience, day in the life, etc... but that's just the kind of thing it's hard to find. And the website is not very helpful in terms of finding out, for instance, what a course load would look like, how often students would perform, both alone and in ensembles and orchestras, any details that would make this experience look more realistic, etc.

This is not for something I'm looking to get published, so I don't intend to contact Juilliard, and I'm not in or anywhere near New York, so I can't visit. Any and all info would be incredibly appreciated.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~music

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