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Med students/doctors/patients?

I'm currently writing an hour long tv pilot for school that revolves around sleep disorders, primarily narcolepsy and chronic insomnia. I have done a fair amount of research so far, but as part of the coursework I'm required to find someone knowledgable in the field we're writing about to ask a few questions. I do have some specific questions I would like the ask that general research doesn't quite cover, and I was wondering if anyone here was a medical student/doctor that has experience with sleep disorders would be able to answer them for me.

Also, if there is also anyone here that suffers from either chronic insomnia or narcolepsy and is comfortable with discussing some of the everyday difficulties they have with the disorder, that would also be very helpful for me. This show is meant to be an accurate and sensitive portrayal of both of these disorders, unlike the way narcolepsy has occasionally been used in more slapstick comedy gags.

Comment here if you are interested in speaking with me.

Thank you,

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