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travelling in North Africa, winter of 1941-42, border controls and travel time

My google-fu appears to be *terrible*.

I need travel times / experiences across North Africa in the winter of 1941-42, along with what paperwork you'd need.

I've worked out travel routes, spoken to a WW2 nut to get route and who controlled where during that period, but getting any more than that is appearing to be impossible, as all my searches bring up stuff that's either later or earlier than I need. And I can't find anything on paperwork and border controls.

The route is plane from London to Lisbon, Lisbon to Algiers, Algiers to Tunis, then make their way down from there to Tiaret and then Ghadamis just over the border in Libya. I've been told that Lisbon - Tunis is most likely train at that period and shouldn't be too much trouble. However, I can't find out how long it would take in that period, or what you'd need in the way of paperwork (getting it won't be a problem - German, British or French, but I need to know what you'd need and what the border controls were like). The rest of the route I'm doing by jeep, not so much of a problem.

:deep breath: That area at the time was French-controlled (collaborationist) if that would help (well, until they get into Libya).

The problem is that everything I've been able to find in the way of travel guides or reports is either 1890s - 1908 or modern. Anything with Algiers, Tunisia or WW2 is getting me a lot of reports in the personal accounts of soldiers sites (we love the personal history archives) but... it's all June 1942-43 and part of the reason I've got them travelling prior to then is to avoid the war zone (that and Eastern Front issues which affect said plot).

And if you *must* know, it's Jack Harkness and Methos on a retrieval mission to get the Resurrection Glove that Indiana Jones dropped out of a plane in 1937. Shush.

ETA : The current rail only runs once a day as it is, which leads me to believe that the old train times might have been similar (I live with British rail, the timetable hasn't really changed all that much since the early 1900s). And it's also known as the Bone Guelma Rail since that's the company who built it in the 1800s. Any further advances?

The fic 'll be up on darkisrising as it gets written for nanowrimo during November.
Tags: africa: history, ~passports, ~travel (misc), ~travel: ground & rail, ~world war ii

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