wyrdite (wyrdite) wrote in little_details,

Kirin myths

Googled: Kirin, kirin myth, kirin mythology, Asian mythology, Asian unicorn, (insert country here) kirin mythology, qilin/kylin/keilin/girin/kỳ lân/ki len kirin, etc, etc.

The kirin is essentially an Asian unicorn found in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai mythology (at least according to the internet.) I have a story I'm writing for a class involving them, and while I can find the traits of it online, I can't find any of the actual myths/stories/legends about them. Does anybody know of some or know where I can find them?

Also, most sites make very minimal differentiation between the kirin of, say, China and Thailand. Does anyone know of any substantial differences in, say, attributed powers, myths, etc?
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)

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