doNUT! (donutgirl) wrote in little_details,

Blood loss from cutting - amount?

Basically I just need to know how much blood your average self-harmer would lose when cutting herself on the wrist, thigh, and/or abdomen.

The character in question is an (outwardly) healthy female, 16 years old, slightly anemic (from cutting). She's a habitual cutter, but she never intends to kill herself or do major damage. In this particular scene, I'd prefer for her *not* to hit an artery or cut herself so deep she would definitely need stitches or other medical attention. But she does use sharp knives and razors (as opposed to pins, staples, etc.), so this should be a real cut, fairly deep, not a puncture wound or a scratch.

So, given all that, in a "typical" cutting session on wrist, abdomen, or thigh, how much blood could she expect to lose? A cup? Half a cup? Less, more?

I've searched google so far using "self injury" + blood loss, sometimes adding "thigh" or "amount", but still all I get is advice on what self injury is, how to stop doing it, and people describing why, where, and how they cut, but never saying how much blood they lose.

I've also combed LJ's own self-harm communities, but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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