tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

Traditional 'working mans' food...

I hope the subject is clear enough. There is a sandwich - or maybe it's a sort of pot-pie-like thing? That is traditional for the 'working man' in the UK, i believe. Meat and vegetables in a crust, a sort of 'sandwich' they could carry with them to eat in the field or while at work.

I have *no idea* what it could be called, but i'm sure there *is* such a thing. It's driving me nuts. I've googled 'tradional hot sandwich ireland scotland england' and 'traditional pocket sandwich' and 'traditional laborer's food' and just found nothing. I'm *sure* i remember reading about this, but my brain just won't supply the details for me to figure it out.


ETA: Answered! Damn, you guys are fast fast fast.
Tags: uk: food and drink

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